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Fri, 16 May 2014 10:45:00 GMT | By PTI

Modi wins but fails to break record

BJP's strongman Narendra Modi won strongly beating rivals by a staggering margin

Modi wins but fails to break record (© Reuters)

Ahmedabad: Narendra Modi trounced his Congress rival Madhusudan Mistry by a staggering 5,70,128 votes in Vadodara but failed to break the record of highest margin of victory set by Anil Basu of CPI-M.

The BJP's prime ministerial candidate's margin of victory in his first outing in the Lok Sabha polls is the second best after Basu, a seven-time MP, who scripted history winning the Arambagh seat in West Bengal by 5,92,502 votes, 22,374 more than Modi, in 2004.

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The earlier record was held by LJP chief Ramvilas Paswan, who as a Janata Dal candidate, had won Hajipur seat in Bihar by a whopping 5,04,448 votes in 1989.

Paswan, whose party is now in the NDA, had then broken his own record set in 1977 when he had won the seat as Bhartiya Lok Dal nominee by a margin of 4,24,545 votes.

After Paswan in 1989 and Basu in 2004, Modi is the third politician to have won a seat by a margin of over five lakh votes.


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