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Fri, 02 May 2014 12:00:00 GMT | By PTI

Modi biggest liar, has a 56-inch belly: Akhilesh

Yadav reiterated that the Third Front will form the next government at the centre and Mulayam Singh Yadav will lead it

Modi biggest liar, has a 56-inch belly: Akhilesh (© Reuters)

Bahraich: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav today hit back at Narendra Modi for his "56-inch chest" remark alluding to his father and SP supremo Mulayam Singh, saying the BJP prime ministerial candidate was the "biggest liar" with a "56-inch belly".

"He is the biggest liar in the world. His campaign is based on lies... He does not have a 56-inch chest but a 56-inch belly," Yadav said while addressing an election rally at Kaiserganj.

"In politics what is needed is a big heart not a big chest," he added.

Modi while addressing a rally in Gorakhpur on January 23 had said, "Netaji (Mulayam), do you know the meaning of converting UP to Gujarat? It means 24-hour electricity in every village and street. You cannot do it. It requires a 56-inch chest".

Yadav said the Gujarat model propagated and highlighted by Modi was "nothing but a lie", adding that "it's a model of dividing India by RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal".

Attacking the BSP, Yadav said the previous government had spent thousands of crores in the construction of parks and memorials and left losses to the tune of Rs 35,000 Crores to the state exchequer.

"I used to call her 'buaji' (paternal aunty). When people older than me call her behenji, I call her buaji", he said.


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