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Mon, 05 May 2014 03:15:00 GMT | By PTI

Modi asks Sonia to leave with dignity

BJP prime ministerial candidate mocks Congress president, plays up his ‘poor family’ connections

Modi asks Sonia to leave with dignity (© Reuters)

New Delhi: Narendra Modi today took a swipe at Congress president Sonia Gandhi for her recent attacks on him and said she should prepare to "leave with dignity" rather than "abusing" him.

After Sonia's attack on him for invoking a Kargil martyr's slogan of 'Yeh dil maange more' to pitch for 300 seats for NDA, the BJP leader said that being a poor family's son he could only ask for things from people and not "loot" them as Congress had been doing.

"We are proud that we ask and don't loot from people. Those who rob need not ask. You have left nothing for the poor. It is for people like us to ask as we have never looted. That's why 'ye dil mange more'. Why all this Sonia ji? You should prepare to leave with dignity now.

"Maa-beta (Sonia-Rahul) used to abuse me indirectly. Nowadays, they have begun taking my name. May be, the talk about be in the country has influenced them. Madam Sonia, I am from a poor family and cannot survive without asking for things from people," he said in a 3D speech.

Speaking of his rally in Amethi, from where Rahul Gandhi is contesting election, the BJP's prime ministerial candidate said many big names will lose in these polls. Modi said the country will do its assessment over a battle between a dynasty which has a big name and legacy and a tea-seller who has nothing to show but work.

Targeting voters in West Bengal, Seemandhra, UP and Bihar, parts of which will go to polls in the last two phases, Modi attacked Mamata Banerjee and the regional parties in these states over "corruption and family rule" while asking voters to give his politics of development a chance.

Modi also reached out to Muslims saying his government's policies in Gujarat have helped kite industry grow to over Rs 700 crore now. Modi said over six lakh weavers in these areas have become jobless and he will ensure that they prosper if he is voted to power.


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