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Fri, 16 May 2014 11:15:00 GMT | By Priya Bala, India Syndicate

Miles to go, promises to keep

The BJP's astounding victory is more than a decisive vote, it’s a cry for change from a people who have tired of the status quo; here's a to-do list for the new government

Miles to go, promises to keep (© Getty Images)

It’s a good thing Narendra Modi is so active on Twitter. After the victory celebrations, he’ll only have to look at social media to know what the people who voted him in expect of his government.

‘We have kept our promise and given the BJP an absolute majority,’ said one tweet, and so it’s time for the new government to deliver on the promises it made. ‘Hope you will do justice to people’s faith in you,’ said another.

The overwhelming majority is more than a decisive vote. It’s a cry for change from a people who have tired of the status quo.  On social media platforms their top-most concerns are clear: bring the economy back on track, make India safe. Other demands, getting more strident and a little personal -- take action against Robert Vadra.

Here, then, is our to-do list for the new government:

1. Create employment opportunities for the thousands of young people pouring out of our educational institutions every year; not just ‘jobs’, but an eco-system that will nurture entrepreneurship.

2. Curb inflation and bring down the price of essential goods, especially food.

3. Invest in industry and revive agriculture, especially ensuring the welfare of farmers who have been suffering under successive regimes.

4. Manage our natural resources and protect the environment.

5. Make India a strong player, not a subservient one, on the global platform.

6. Snuff out terrorism.

7. Make India safe for women and children, compassionate to the differently abled, kind to the aged and the sick.

8. Rid the system of corruption .

9. Restore the pride of Indians in India.


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