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Updated: Tue, 20 May 2014 01:45:00 GMT | By Ramandeep Singh/India Syndicate
LS polls: Prominent winners and losers: Pics

After Narendra Modi-led BJP swept to an unprecedented victory in the 2014 general elections, we take a look at some of the prominent winners and losers

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As expected BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi won from both Vadodara and Varanasi spearheading BJP’s landslide victory and handing out an unprecedented rout to the Congress


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Education qualification: Should Smriti Irani come clean?

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    38 %
    Yes. She must clarify the discrepancies in her affidavits
    747 votes
    21 %
    No. She must instead focus on her ministry to prove critics wrong
    403 votes
    41 %
    Educational qualifications do not matter to become a minister. His/her work counts
    810 votes

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