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  • The many moods of Narendra ModiThe many moods of Narendra Modi

    Narendra Modi has travelled to various parts of the country, campaigning for and pleading with voters across India to oust the Congress-led UPA government. His is now a familiar face to most Indians and, if it isn’t, check out his many moods and expressions

  • The Prime Minister and his team: PhotosThe Prime Minister and his team: Photos

    Narendra Modi took oath as India’s Prime Minister on May 26, 2014 along with 46 ministers, including 24 cabinet ministers. Meet the Prime Minister and his team

  • Gopinath MundeBack to school? Netas and their qualifications: Pics

    As controversy rages around educational qualifications of Union ministers Smriti Irani and Gopinath Munde, we look into the scholastic past of some netas. Find out who has a Masters, who has that elusive PhD and who boasts of ‘real world smarts’ as an alternative to formal education

  • Modi's day of swearing-in: PhotosModi's day of swearing-in: Photos

    Narendra Modi, a man who once helped his family make ends meet by vending tea at a railway station in between his classes, will take his oath as prime minister today. We bring you highlights of the day

  • Rahul, Priyanka v Modi in Varanasi, AmethiRahul, Priyanka v Modi in Varanasi, Amethi

    The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate has made no secret of his disdain for the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty that has, for so long, ruled Indian politics and the current Gujarat chief minister’s tactic of taking on Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, in the family bastion of Amethi and the holy town of Varanasi says it all…Modi means business

  • A glimpse of Narendra Modi's Varanasi: PicsA glimpse of Narendra Modi's Varanasi: Pics

    From dread-locked sadhus to devoted pilgrims, colourful ghats and traditional ceremonies, the river Ganga and its boats, the entire atmosphere of the holy city underlines the beauty of its age. We bring you images of Varanasi, a city Narendra Modi has vowed to transform and clean up the Ganges. The holy city waits for its hero

  • Varanasi welcomes PM-elect Modi: PhotosVaranasi welcomes PM-elect Modi: Photos

    Still riding high on the 'Modi wave', residents of the holy city of Varanasi turn out in large numbers to pray with their new MP and future Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, on the banks of the holy Ganges River

  • Modi's victory lap in Delhi: PicsModi's victory lap in Delhi: Pics

    A sea of supporters gave a rousing welcome to India's next Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he arrived in the national capital after he led BJP to a historic win. We bring you photos

  • Modi wave sweeps India: PicsModi wave sweeps India: Pics

    Sweets, fireworks and drums are all out after the BJP recorded the biggest election win India has seen in 30 years. The man of the moment is Narendra Modi, who is all set to take over as India's 14th Prime Minister. Take a look at these pictures of celebrations from across the country

  • 2014 Elections: Many moods of Kejriwal2014 Elections: Many moods of Kejriwal

    The Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) leader, Arvind Kejriwal, burst on to the national political scene with a stirring win in the last Delhi assembly polls. Since then, the former IRS officer has been here, there and everywhere, looking to galvanise India in his fight against corruption and poor governance. His is now a familiar face to most Indians and, if it isn’t, check out the former Delhi chief minister’s many moods and expressions

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Education qualification: Should Smriti Irani come clean?

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    Educational qualifications do not matter to become a minister. His/her work counts
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