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Virginity for sale: Sex gang busted in Britain

Britain police have arrested a gang of four for 'offering' virginity of underage girls to wealthy businessmen. Closer home, Mohali police nabbed five persons on charges of raping a minor. In another case, five girl students were imprisioned for stripping and filming their classmate. Read on.

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Virginity for sale: Sex gang busted in Britain

Sex trafficking gang busted, minor girls rescued

London: A gang that offered to sell the virginity of girls to the wealthy has been busted in Britain by the Scotland Yard. An undercover officer was told that the girls were virgins and could be 'broken' by a client he was pretending to represent.

Daily Mail reported Tuesday that the sex trafficking gang was offering the virginity of underage girls to wealthy businessmen for up to 150,000 pounds.

Three women and a man were nabbed after a luxury hotel staff tipped off the police.

One of the women had offered the gang's services in a handwritten letter to the owner of the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel in Knightsbridge, central London last year.

The note said: "I have 12 girls ready from the age 14-20 years, who are living all over the UK, I have spent money on the preparation of this event such as a rented house for the girls and also all expenses needed."

The police traced the telephone number given in the letter to an address in Wigan where Fatima Hagnegat was staying with her husband, Rassoul Gholampour.

Sleuths established contact with the gang under the guise of potential clients.

The media report said that an undercover officer called up the mobile number provided in the letter and sought to hire girls for a client.

The officer spoke to Hagnegat's aunt, Marohkh Jamali, who said that she could provide girls from Iran, Britain and Eastern Europe aged 14 and 20.

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