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British MP's wife found working as a sex worker

A British MP's Brazilian wife has been working as a sex worker and she has given all details to a newspaper. The crime file also has the case of a BPO's being threatened at gun point in Noida. Read on

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MP's wife a sex worker

London: A British MP's wife works as a prostitute charging 70 pounds "for oral sex without a condom followed by full sex with a condom", said a media report here. The revelation left the MP stunned as he said: 'That's a horrible shock'.

British MP's wife found working as a sex worker

Carla Weatherley

Sunday Mirror reported that Tory MP Mike Weatherley's Brazilian wife Carla, 39, works at three seedy brothels.

The expose could prove embarrassing to Prime Minister David Cameron, who campaigned alongside Weatherley at the general election earlier this year.

Weatherley met Carla 10 years ago while he was on a business trip to Rio de Janeiro. Sources say that she was already then a sex worker. There is, however, nothing to suggest that Weatherley knew.

After starting a relationship, Weatherley may have bought Carla an apartment in the Copacabana beach area.

Later, Weatherley moved Carla to Britain, where they married in Brighton, East Sussex, in 2003.

Carla's occupation was listed as housewife in the marriage certificate and initially, she put her past behind her.
However, in February, as Weatherley geared up for the poll campaign, she re-entered the sex industry.

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