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Crime: CBI `cooks up’ another theory on Arushi murder case

The CBI has come up with another strange theory in the Arushi murder case. The investigating agency says that the murder may have been committed by a `third person’. The file also has a follow up on the cobalt case in Delhi and the tragic death of two labourers who entered a century old drain in Mumbai. Read on.

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CBI comes up with another theory on Arushi murder case

New Delhi: Two years on, the Arushi-Hemraj murder case is still a mystery for the CBI. Now, the country's top investigative agency seems to be looking at the possibility of the involvement of a third person, as Director Ashwani Kumar said on Thursday: "We are working on three lines in the case -involvement of servants, parents and third person". "Our teams are working day and night to get a clue in the case," he told Newsline.

But on July 11, 2008, weeks after the murder, CBI Joint Director Arun Kumar had told the Press that servants Rajkumar, Krishna and Vijay Mandal had killed Arushi and Hemraj and that they "had enough evidence" against them. The evidence clearly seems to have been not enough, for the agency is back to square one now.

Officials, however, are not letting go of their first theory either. They still think of the trio, now out on bail, as the prime suspects. But they want to know if another person could be involved. "We had asked for details of criminals in Noida from the police," said an officer.

Kumar, who after joining the agency, claimed that "investigations in CBI cases would be completed in one year's time", now says the agency cannot give any time limit. "We are investigating the case and efforts are being made," he said, while not disclose where the investigations were now.

Arushi Talwar, daughter of a dentist couple in Noida, was found murdered at her Jalvayu Vihar flat on May 16, 2008. Hemraj, the domestic help, was also found dead on the terrace the next day.

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