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Crime: Kannada actress’ picture figures on porn site

Sanchitha Padukone was horrified to find her photo on a porn site along with many skimpily clad girls. The upset Kannada actress is planning to sue the site. The file also has the case of the teenage boy who was kidnapped from New Delhi. His body was found in Haryana. In another ghastly incident, a part of the face of a one-and-a-half-year old baby was chewed up by a mongoose. Read on.

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Sanchitha Padukone to sue porn site

Sanchitha Padukone to sue porn site

Bangalore: In a notorious case, a porn site called has uploaded the pictures of an upcoming Kannada actress Sanchitha Padukone, without her knowledge.

When questioned about this, Sanchitha was horrified that someone had uploaded her picture without her permission. She said that it was a criminal act and she would go to the police.

The site has pictures of hundreds of girls along with those of Sanchitha and also carries a mobile number, claiming a strong client base in Bangalore. It was later found that uploading pictures of leading actresses in these sites was a marketing gimmick.

According to cyber experts uploading pictures of celebrities' was as easy as uploading personal pictures on social networking sites. Though the server for these sites could be traced, most of them were in foreign countries and it was virtually impossible to nab the culprits, expert opine.

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