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Crime: Man stays in woman’s hostel for three days

Today’s crime file opens with a strange case of a 40-year-old man who dressed up as a woman and stayed in a hostel for women. He was caught when he had a couple of extra pegs an knocked at the wrong door. The file also has the case of a Delhi woman who kidnapped six children. Read on.

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Man dresses up as woman, stays in hostel for women

This seems straight out of a Bollywood story: an unidentified man scaled the walls to enter a working women's hostel in high-security Civil Lines area of Gurgaon and, according to the resident women, stayed there for three days. Dressed as a woman, the intruder went unnoticed. On Friday, the man allegedly got inebriated and tried to force his way into one of the residents' rooms.

He was caught by the women, beaten up, and handed over to the police.
The Gurgaon police on Monday let off the man, still unidentified, since no formal complaint was lodged in the interim period.

According to hostellers, the middle-aged man had entered the hostel and lived for "at least three days" in room number 40.

The police also declared that the man is mentally unsound, without carrying out any medical examination.

Gurgaon Police Commissioner S S Deswal said the trespasser had scaled the hostel walls and banged at the doors before the women caught him and called the police. "He is said to be mentally unstable," the city police chief said. "We have not made any arrest."

Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner Rajender Kataria said: "I have asked for a beat constable to be assigned to make rounds of the hostel and have also parked a Police Control Room van in the vicinity. Women living in the hostel have brought security lapses to our notice -- we will see what needs to be done to ensure their safety."

The hostel warden refused to comment on the issue. She said she had made a written complaint to the police.

"We have registered a case under Section 451 (house trespass in order to commit offence punishable with imprisonment) of the Indian Penal Code against an unknown person. We agree that there is some problem in his identification," Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Rakesh Arya said.

Asked whether police conducted any medical examination to confirm their claims of the trespasser being mentally unstable, DCP Arya said no such examination was conducted.

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