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Crime: Delhi cops run sexy massage parlour

A sex parlour run by cops! Well, nothing official about it, but the parlour was used to blackmail customers who went in search of some fun. The file also has a case of a woman eliminating her cop-husband. Read on.

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Cops run massage parlour and blackmail customers

Want a massage from pretty young women? Well, this is how most massage parlours advertise themselves in Delhi and other major cities. But in one case in Delhi, the advertisement led to sexy massage parlours run by two cops! But the clever cops used the parlours not just for some shady massage, but to also extract money and debit cards from unwary customers.

The sex dripping advertisements attracted unsuspecting customers who thought that their money would get them a good massage and some fun. But minutes before the promised massage, the owners-cum-cops would step in, twirl their moustache and extort money from them.

According to investigations, the cops used to threaten to reveal the identity of the consumer and also book him for molesting minor girls. They also used to tell the customers that their steamy massage would be brought to the notice of their close family members.

Left with no option, the customers used to empty their purse or pay up later so that the cops kept their mouths shut.

Getting wind of the racket, the anti-extortion cell of the crime branch stepped in. On November 21, a decoy cop responded to the advertisement and set up an appointment. The accused first asked him to reach Pankha Road crossing where he would meet a 17-year-old girl who will give him a good massage. Later, they asked him to come to Vishal Cinema. Plainclothes sleuths arrested them once they had looted the SI of Rs 5,000 and his card.

The crime branch promptly arrested constable Rann Singh and constable Shaji.

The policed said some more people and girls were also involved in the racket.

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