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Crime: Maid rents out child of MNC couple to beggars

Today’s crime file opens with some shocking stories: a baby of an MNC couple was rented out by a maid to a racket of beggars for Rs 100 a day, a baby who was thrown near a canal in rain, of how a corpse killed a friend in Kolkata and a teacher who `taught’ pornography. And there is also a strange case where an elephant is facing an FIR. Read on.

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Crime file

Maid admits to hiring out baby

Bangalore is known for its outsourcing - from projects to hired killings. But this one went too far and too cruel. A maid hired by an MNC couple rented out their baby for Rs 100 to a racket of beggars on the streets of Bangalore.

Early every morning, the couple used to dress their seven month old baby with the finest of all clothes, keep fresh milk and costly eatables ready and leave the child in the hands of a maid who was hired through an established agency.

But as soon as the couple left, the maid used to mix sedatives in the milk, remove all the costly clothes and dress the kid in torn and dirty clothes, according to a report in The Times of India. And then he would be picked up by agents who run a flourishing racket of beggars on the streets of Bangalore.

For the whole day the drowsy child would be carried by a beggar on her shoulders and dropped back in the evening to the maid's hands. The maid used to spend her time happily watching the serials and movies on the telly and eat all the stuff left behind for the kid.

Every day, the couple were surprised and stumped to find their child inactive and drowsy. He never used to play or create a ruckus.

One day, the mother of the kid returned home early from work. To her shock, she found the maid in front of the TV and the baby was missing. The maid went into panic and was confronted by the mother of the kid. The maid then confessed and told her that the child had been rented out and would return by evening.
The mother was shocked to find her kid come back dressed in tattered and dirty clothes and sleeping on the shoulders of an unknown woman whose job it was to beg daily.

Sources say that Bangalore has a flourishing begging racket run by a mafia and the daily earnings run into a few lakhs. The mafia has divided Bangalore into zones and they send out the beggars. By evening, the agents take a huge pie of the earnings and give a few rupees to the beggars, mostly women. Sometimes, targets are fixed for the beggars and if they fail to `achieve' the sales target, they are sacked.

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