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Daily Horoscope:

Though less, you will get money from your investments and other resources. Don't ignore pending projects; complete them at the earliest so that you will have clear picture about your requirements and responsibilities, advises Ganesha. Once you are done with them, you will enjoy happy times with your friends and family in the evening.

Weekly Horoscope:

You shall approach your tasks with a great deal of positivity. You may set the tempo for others to follow, radiating positive vibes, in the process, which would help others raise their performance. You may also decide to review your and others' progress and your ultimate goals, and accordingly make changes to your strategies. Remain unbiased, and don't let personal friendships colour your thoughts. There may be people around you who may have been with you for years, but they still need not be trusted upon blindly! Plus, it's time you became more proactive in safeguarding the interests of those who matter. On your own, you would be more than willing to burn the midnight oil! With Venus smiling down benignly on you, your creativity shall surface. However, in the matters of romance, you need to take a slow and measured approach. If you intend to propose to your beloved now, take a step back, and wait for a more opportune moment.

Monthly Horoscope:

Ganesha predicts that there may be no limits to what you can achieve this month, owing mostly to the fact that you are fully charged, both physically and mentally, after having taken a wonderful break. You may set a scorching pace, and others would not only be in awe, but may fall way behind you. And, if you happen to be the boss, Ganesha advises you not to expect the same productivity and dedication from your employees; not everyone can be equally fervent in the work matters. The more you make them feel at home, the more you would be able to motivate them. However, there may be moments when negativity may besiege you. At such times, though you may not feel physically drained out, your mind may refuse to cooperate. Ganesha advises you to maintain your equanimity under all circumstances, for your workload is only going to increase, and you can scarcely afford to take another break. At home, things may be normal and cordial. If buying a vehicle has been on your mind, go for it. But, if proposing someone is on your agenda, hold your horses. Love vibes are happy, but it's best to wait for some more time.

Yearly Horoscope:

A major shift in your thinking shall be the highlight of the year ahead. You may also be able to identify between the fair-weather friends and genuine well-wishers. At home, some crucial changes are likely, leading to some stress and strain. Whatever might be the situation, ensure that you don't become autocratic, and take all decisions only with your family's consent. Being amicable will help, promises Ganesha! As for your love life, you may try your best to understand the finer aspects of love. However, eventually you may consider concentrating on tangible goals a better utilisation of your precious time. The year ahead also looks set to be a favourable period for finding a better job opportunity. If relocation has been on your mind, this is the time, says Ganesha. Financially, the year ahead may be slightly above average. Judicious use of your hard-earned money will be the need of the hour. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned.

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