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Hotels pull out all stops to keep staff in good humour

With employees seeking a better work-life balance, faster career growth and the need for better pay, the hotel industry is losing good professionals to other service segments

Hotels pull out all stops to keep staff in good humour (© Reuters)

Chennai: It was not just another day at work for Sayed Afdhar, a restaurant supervisor at the Chennai Hyatt Regency; it was a very special day for him.

He was chauffeur-driven into the hotel’s portico in a Mercedes Benz, and the general manager and other directors of the hotel, dressed in long tailcoats, opened the car for him and ushered him into the hotel as an honoured guest.

Such a reception was not just for Afdhar, but for all the lower-rung employees of the hotel. It’s people week for Hyatt worldwide. For one week, every year, across the world, Hyatt comes together to celebrate its people by recognising and acknowledging “the most important asset to the company - our associates”, says Sunjae Sharma, General Manager of Hyatt Regency, Chennai.

Other hotel chains such as Four Seasons and Marriott also have similar programmes ever year.

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