Fri, 23 Sep 2011 08:30:07 GMT

Transparency portal to track your LPG account

Now, you can track your LPG dealer online. With the government preparing to restrict the number of subsidised cooking cylinders, oil marketing companies have launched a ‘transparency’ portal that allows customers to keep an eye on the number of cylinders sold in their account by the dealer.

Transparency portal to track your LPG account

Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum have made records available of all cylinders sold to the130-million subscriber base since June on the portal.

The launch of the portal is complementary to the government's proposal to cap the number of subsidised cylinders to consumers. Right now, the portal has only one head, that shows the number of cylinders sold to a consumer. "The portal is aimed at enhancing transparency, visibility and auditability of the distribution of cylinders across the country. This transparency portal is accessible to the public and shows details of all the customers of LPG who are receiving subsidised cylinders, distributor wise," said a petroleum ministry official.

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