Sun, 26 May 2013 14:15:00 GMT | By PTI

‘Social media improves brand equity but distracts employees’

Many firms are still to accept social media as a tool for expanding business in fact they see it as a hindrance to work

‘Social media improve brand equity but distract employees’ (© Reuters)

New Delhi: Many Indian companies feel social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have improved their brand equity and stakeholder engagement but such platforms distract employees at work, says a survey.

The survey by AIMA, grouping of management professionals, found that more than one—third (38 per cent) of respondents believe that social media participation has improved their brand equity as well as stakeholder engagement.

However, about 31 per cent of the respondents were sceptical about using social media for business. Besides, only 24 per cent were found to be allowing employees to use social media sites at work.

On the other hand, 56 per cent of firms surveyed believe that social networking sites distract their employees and another 37 per cent of respondents believe that it would hamper internal and external communication.

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