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Daily Horoscope:

If you are involved in monetary matters, today you will find yourself weighing the benefits. A loan that you have applied for may be sanctioned. Look at a range of choices, says Ganesha, and you will end up feeling very happy about it.

Weekly Horoscope:

The stars are positioned in a rather lucky way for you this week, so the going is likely to be smooth in most areas of life, predicts Ganesha. You shall be very successful in articulation of your novel ideas, especially to your superiors who will be thoroughly impressed. You may be surrounded by people who love to listen to you because of this gift of the gab that you have. This week you are likely to be even more gregarious than usual. There is a possibility that you may get fed up of the routine work and may be eager to shuffle things round a bit. This desire for a change includes an image makeover. So you might as well fix up your evening appointment with the beautician.

Monthly Horoscope:

This appears to be a favourable month for people with career as their top agenda currently, foresees Ganesha. You most probably are likely to stumble upon new and lucrative work opportunities, something that you may have been waiting for quite sometime now. However, since you may be rather comfortable in your present circumstances, it is advised that take up a new opportunity only once you have researched well, checked everything and the offer is irresistible. Assured rapid growth could be one reason to consider this offer. Your workload may continue to be heavy, but you will pace your work well, thereby managing everything nicely. Your self-confidence would be high, and you shall leave a mark on others. However, make sure that your aggressive attitude does not cause friction with any of your colleagues. Even at home you will have to be careful of hurting your near and dear ones with your cocky attitude. Don't speak harsh words; rather demonstrate your love, and see the magic work. New furniture and fittings may prove to be a drain on your resources.

Yearly Horoscope:

The year 2013 holds many possibilities and promises. But, you will have to be ready to take the good with the bad. In the career domain, while there will be growth and progress, you will need to remain very alert. Guard against complacency, says Ganesha. Network expansion is on the cards, but the trick shall lie in employing your contacts to the best use, while also remaining tactful and accessible. Matters related to the joint finances, joint investments and inheritance will need attention, and that is where your tact and sensibility shall come handy. Watch your word, or else your problems may increase, even harming your health in the process. Be extra vigilant, rather fastidious regarding your health. You may also want to spend more time in solitude than usual to find the answers to some burning questions, particularly about your love life. If already in a relationship, you may need some moments to reflect and reassess.

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