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Daily Horoscope:

You are already overloaded with work. On the top of it, people around you will conveniently put their share of load on your back, and you will take it most of the times. You, however, will not get bogged down by the additional responsibilities. In fact, you will rise to the challenge and perform exceptionally well, leaving your rivals surprised.

Weekly Horoscope:

There may be some anxiety in the air, this week, mostly owing to a complex work situations that most likely has its roots or seeds in a past blunder. For businessmen, this may be a confusing time, as rectifying this silly mistake would be of paramount importance. Professionals too may have to bear adverse results. A short trip is on the cards, maybe for personal or professional reasons. But, whatever be the reason, trust this opportunity to bring you a much-needed refreshing break. If nothing of the sort materialises, give in to your sporty and athletic side. You may even win a sporting activity, says Ganesha. In relationships, remain modest and loving, and you may see your interactions at all levels getting better, by the day. Employ your charm to the hilt, even when talking to the strangers! If planning kids has been on your agenda, this is a good time.

Monthly Horoscope:

A very productive month is on the cards for you, predicts Ganesha. Though you may be overflowing with brilliant ideas, you shall avoid being impulsive. You are likely to tread cautiously, but firmly, and may go about the task of implementing your ideas in a very methodical and thorough way. However, the workload will be so heavy that you would probably have to burn the midnight oil in order to get your projects accomplished within the set time-frame. And as the month rolls on, your work pressure would only increase. This, obviously means that you domestic life would get side-lined. But worry not, there shall be ample time for them once you have met your current set of aims and objectives. If you put your excellent communication skills to good use, you may consider half the battle won. Though work may hardly permit it, Ganesha says this is the right time to start a family.

Yearly Horoscope:

The year 2013 looks set to bring a pivotal shift in your life. Ones already willing to shift base or alter their set ways shall find this period hugely favourable. Others, not so ready, too may also need to submit to change. However, Ganesha foresees the likelihood of you befriending wrong people in your attempts to find your place in favoured social circles. Choose your friends wisely, warns Ganesha. On the love front, you may enjoy a great time. But, if you happen to begin a relationship this year or have started one recently, this is not the right time to take it as an all conclusive decision. At work, a lot will depend on how well you get things done and the rapport you share with your superiors and colleagues. Progress is on the cards, though. In financial matter, avoid speculations of any kind. Expenses may increase, but fortunately, so shall your sources of income.

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