When bullets pierced the spirit of Mumbai...

India pauses to salute brave hearts, mourn victims

India pauses to salute brave hearts, mourn victims

There were official commemorations and private moments of grief, sombre reflections and avid debates - a speeding country paused in its tracks Thursday to remember the traumatic night of Nov 26 2008.

New Horizon of hope, peace

Beyond 26/11/08: New Horizon of hope, peace

Exactly a year has passed since the Mumbai attacks, and while there has been an outpouring of national grief, people from all walks of life will remember the victims and heroes with pride and dignity. Whether it is through candle-light vigils, police parades or a multi faith prayer vigil, the citizens of Mumbai will be paying tribute to those who sacrificed their lives on that fateful day. This is how Mumbai Taj looked on the last New Year eve, some weeks after 26/11 terror strike.

Emerging from the shadows of the past

Terror spots: Emerging from the shadows of the past

The terrifying 2008 Mumbai attacks began on 26 November 2008 and lasted until 29 November 2008, killing over 170 people and wounding more than 300. The coordinated shooting and bombing attacks crippled our financial capital and largest city. Let's see how those ill-fated spots look like today

Mumbai special

What happened on the fateful night of 26/11

The attacks in Mumbai had devastating impact on India. As we complete one year after Mumbai terror strikes, let us resurrect the day that spelt terror.


9/11 lessons that India didn't learn from 26/11

The media has often portrayed the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks as India's equivalent of 9/11. While the scale of destruction might not have been the same as the attacks on the World Trade Centre, it is easy to see why the comparisons are drawn.

The global threads of terror game plan

Tracing global threads of terror game plan, a yearafter

If there is anything that Mumbai like terror strikes establish beyond doubt, it is the fact that unlike nations, terror knows no boundaries, is not governed by jurisdictions and hence it cannot be addressed in isolation.

Five questions India would want to ask

Five questions India would want to ask on 26/11

Numerous questions arose after the attacks, many of them were subsequently answered, a lot more were forgotten and a few are still being asked with no apparent answers in sight.

Mumbai blast

Pack of 3s: Hits, misses and the awaited action

The deadly Mumbai attacks on November 26 2008 marked the turning point and changed the way India and the world perceives terror. Three seems to be an important number, right from the very inception of 26/11 terror strikes.

Mumbai blast

Tribute: Bravehearts who saved Mumbai

26/11, a date remembered in infamy, forever etched into India's consciousness. An attack so brazen, that a country was left reeling in shock for days afterwards. But amongst the chaos, there emerged stories of incredible heroism in the face of terror, where it proved that despite the best attempts of those who would seek to destroy it, the spirit and nobility of humanity would always shine through.


India pauses to salute brave hearts

India pauses to salute brave hearts, mourn victims

There were official commemorations and private moments of grief, sombre reflections and avid debates - a speeding country paused in its tracks Thursday to remember the traumatic night of Nov 26 2008.

sixty hours of terror

Sixty hours of non-stop terror

Sixty hours that spelled terror in Mumbai last year in December were captured by various media channels across the world. Almost all facets, human or otherwise, were sealed in the lens from very close quarters. The cameramen at work back then perhaps were equivalent to foot soldiers on a war front.

Mumbai gets Force One

NSG challenged? Mumbai gets Force One

Force One, Maharashtra's specialised counter-terror unit formed as a response to the 26/11 attacks, has became operational now. A nine-hour delay in the NSG reaching Mumbai during 26/11 has led to the formation of Force One. Will Force One replicate or will it compete with NSG?


Seek inspiration

Taj seeks inspiration from the sacred 'Tree of Life'

"In memory and faith that peace can come on Earth as it is in Heaven." Thus reads a scrawling handwriting in a memorial book placed at the historic Hotel Taj Mahal Palace & Tower.

Back from the dark alley of terror

Eyewitness account: Back from the alley of terror

It's not often that you get to read your own name in the obituaries. Three days after armed militants went on the rampage in Mumbai, newspapers and TV channels included my name in the list of more than 170 people who lost their lives in the carnage.They were wrong -- obviously.

Sipping coffee

Sipping coffee at Leopold Cafe undeterred

It's breezy and, oh yes, bustling with people. Over a lunch of roast chicken and cold coffee, Leopold Cafe regular Wesley Paul says casually, "There are gunmen at the door." As Wesley bites into some succulent meat, he is fully aware that this is the place where two staffers and seven guests were killed in the 26/11 attacks - but is unafraid.

Mumbai blast

Of Rabbi's benevolence and bullet ridden walls

"You are never going to stop anybody who steps inside the Chabad House" - those were the oft-repeated words of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, head of the Mumbai headquarters of the Chabad House. And that was the instruction followed on Nov 26, 2008 when terrorists stormed in, brutally killing the rabbi, his pregnant wife Rivka and four others.

Mumbai blastt

Now Mumbai has 'terror tours' of 26/11 strike sites

Self-styled tour operators and tourist guides have come up with 'Terror Tours' to cash in on the curiosity among tourists and visitors about the sites of last year's attacks in south Mumbai.

Shobhaa De

26/11 felt like my home was attacked : Shobhaa De

A year has gone by since the devastating 26/11 terror attacks, but the city is still vulnerable and people far from secure, says well-known author and columnist Shobhaa De. De says now when she goes to Mumbai Taj she is reminded of the fact that her home was attacked.

Mumbai blast

Reed resurrects 'Terror in Mumbai'

"Terror In Mumbai", a new riveting documentary reconstructing the horrendous attack on India's financial capital airs in the US Thursday to mark the first anniversary of the Nov 26 assault.


Mumbai blast

My father sold me to Lashkar, says Ajmal Kasab

Ajmal Amir Kasab, the sole surviving terrorist of the group of ten sent by the Pakistan based terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba to attack Mumbai, says his father essentially sold him into the group.

Kasab's lawyer feels the heat

Kasab's lawyer feels the heat of 26/11 spotlight

Defending Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab during the seven-month high profile trial has taken its toll, said Kazmi, who was appointed by the court for the task after the woman lawyer before him was removed over issues of clash of interests.

Ajmal Kasab

Ajmal Kasab: All about the known face of terror

Kasab, the sole surviving 26/11 terrorist has been charged with 86 offences, including murder and waging war on India. The trial is in its last lap. The court is examining 1,800 witnesses and putting together 750 pieces of evidence.


Securing Mumbai still an unfinished job: Police chief

Coastal security is being shored up, a special commando unit is being trained and police equipment is being modernised among many other measures under way. A year after the devastating 26/11 terror attacks, securing Mumbai is still a work in progress, admit officials.

Karkare's wife raises questions about his death

Kavita Karkare, the wife of former Maharashtra Anti Terror Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare on Wednesday questioned the state government on why her husband and two other senior officials who were killed on 26/1, did not get reinforcements on time.


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